national qualification of tandem hillside pilot approved
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Tandem Paragliding Pilot National Qualification Approved

National Qualification for Tandem Paragliding Pilot (Level 5), whose work is carried out by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry; It was approved by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) and entered into force. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, competent in the job of Tandem Paragliding Pilot [more…]

dhmi announced July figures
06 Ankara

DHMI Announces July Figures

General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), 2019 year of July, the airline aircraft, passengers and freight statistics announced. Accordingly, 2019 in July; Aircraft landing and taking off at airports, 79.311 in domestic and international flights [more…]

Istanbul Airport Description from the Ministry of Transport
34 Istanbul

Ministry of Transport “Istanbul Airport” Statement

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport; “The following statement was deemed necessary upon the unfounded allegations that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in some media organizations investigated Istanbul Airport within the framework of security weaknesses. Turkey's economy and employment [more…]

black train freezes back to balikesire
10 Balikesir

Black Train Returns to Balıkesir

The steam locomotive rented by TCDD General Directorate to Yunus Emre Municipality of Manisa is returning to Balıkesir. AK Party Balıkesir Deputy Mutlu Aydemir announced that the black train given to Manisa a while ago will be restored to Balıkesir. Aydemir made [more…]

free public transportation during holiday
41 Kocaeli

Free Public Transportation in Kocaeli

Public Transportation in Kocaeli is Free During the Holidays. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will provide free transportation service to enable citizens to come together with their friends and relatives during the Eid al-Adha. In this context, the citizens of the first day of the holiday, Sunday, August 11 [more…]

president imamoglu found reviews in the galataport
34 Istanbul

Mayor İmamoğlu: Examined Galataport Project

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Büyükyalı in Zeytinburnu and KabataşHe also made observations in Galataport after the Martı projects in Turkey. Emphasizing that he will visit all projects that will affect the city, İmamoğlu said, this is one of the 20 projects we have determined. We will continue to tour them. Then [more…]

one thousand people used the distillation in a year
34 Istanbul

481 Thousands Used ISBIKE in One Year

481 thousand people have used ISBIKE in the last year. The project, which is environmentally friendly and beneficial for human health, is aimed to create an alternative in transportation, it is aimed to spread all over Istanbul. ISPARK, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), [more…]

elazigda free public transportation
23 Elazig

Public Transportation in Elazig

Elazig Municipality public transportation vehicles will provide free service during the four-day holiday. In a statement made by Elazığ Municipality, public transportation vehicles belonging to Elazığ Municipality during Eid al-Adha in order to contribute to the comfortable and peaceful feast of the citizens. [more…]

karakoyun junction with asphalt
63 Sanliurfa

Karakoyun Interchange Asphalted

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül'un instructions to accelerate the construction work at the Karakoyun Bridge Junction paving works began. After the works were stopped by the contractor firm, Köprülü with the instructions of Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül [more…]

ispark general mudurlugune murat cakir brought
34 Istanbul

İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır Appointed

Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, who took office after the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections, formed the senior management staff within the Municipality. In this context, Mr. Murat Çakır has been appointed as the General Manager of İSPARK. In 2005, with the motto of Park Safely Service with a Smiling Face [more…]

signaling will be made at the junction of fiskobirlik
81 Plain

Signaling to Fiskobirlik Junction

Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce Faruk Özlü, a close working team with traffic jam at certain times of the day Fiskobirlik Junction found in the examinations. In the city center of Duzce, citizens demand and complain [more…]

astide pre-feast inspections increased
06 Ankara

Pre-Bayram Inspections Increased at AŞTİ

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teams are working intensely within the scope of the holiday inspections all over the capital, just days before the Eid al-Adha. While the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams increase their routine inspections throughout the city, [more…]

bogazkopru osb interchange on the way to the latest situation
38 Kayseri

The Latest Situation on Boğazköprü OSB Interchange Road

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç, OSB Interchange-Boğazköprü between the 6 Roads. He visited the construction site of the Regional Directorate. Meeting with the new Regional Director of Highways Ahmet Turan Gülhaş, Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç stated the importance of Boğazköprü for Kayseri. [more…]

ulasimparka bus cleaning was done on the bus
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark belonging to the Bus Cleaning Day

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark's 336 bus has been taken into detailed cleaning before the possible intensity that may occur during the festival. Interior, exterior, windows, driver's cabin, handles, passenger seat handles, floor, ceiling, exterior ceiling and bottom corner cleaning [more…]

babadag cable car project
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Details About Babadağ Cable Car Project

The Babadağ Cable Car Project, which is expected to be one of Europe's favorite paragliding areas when it is put into service, is expected to be completed in 2020. The project, the foundation of which was laid in August 2017, is expected to bring 1 million visitors to the summit annually. Fethiye Power Union Company [more…]