Alternative Road Works for Malatya Traffic Continue

alternative road works for malatya traffic continues
alternative road works for malatya traffic continues

Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Cevatpaşa Neighborhood (behind the MACRO Market) after the expropriation and road works continued to investigate the demolition.

Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Deputy Secretary General Latif Okyay, Head of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department Mehmet Mert, Council Members, Cevatpaşa District Headman Murat Dikenli and related department managers participated in the study tour.

Mukhtar Dikenli: 30 Mr. President opens our way that has not been opened for years

Murat Dikenli, the Mayor of Cevatpasa District, thanked Selahattin Gürkan, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for the works, and said, X Although this road has been completed, 30 has not been opened for years. May Allah be pleased with our President. I believe that this way will ease the traffic between Altay Barracks and Çakmak Barracks. With the opening of our path, it will develop more rapidly in our region. ”

President Gürkan: Malatya is imprisoned on a single axis

Stating that Malatya was imprisoned on a single axis, President Gürkan said, alesef Unfortunately, we couldn't open a second alternative road in Malatya except for the ring road that was opened at the end of the 1970s. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue our efforts to ease the transportation with the new connection roads. ”

Expropriation work completed 7 house will be demolished

Explaining that the 7 house will be demolished within the area where the expropriation works are completed, Mayor Gürkan said, gibi As stated by our Metropolitan Municipality, the expropriation works have been completed on our way to be opened for 30 years. As of today, 7 house, where expropriation works are carried out, will be demolished and road works will continue. As the Metropolitan Municipality, the works will be completed on the 5 km axis within the scope of the first stage. Within the scope of the second stage of 5 km, this road will be connected to the North Ring Road. I think that the axis from Sivas road to the station will be done as soon as possible. Currently, our teams continue to work intensively. As soon as the Station-Yesiltepe and North Belt Road along with the Battalgazi road will be indexed on the other side will be connected to the North Ring Road.

In the next stage of these works, there will be a road axis that will join the Battalgazi road and the North Ring Road and Çiftlik. We aim to complete this work as soon as possible, which will significantly ease the traffic in Malatya.

30 meter new road in Bostanbaşı

Stating that the road works are continuing in Bostanbaşı, Mayor Gürkan said, “We have given the necessary instructions to our friends for the construction of a second 30 meter road parallel to this road in our Bostanbaşı area. In a very short time, the second and third roads will be built in the direction of South and North parallel to the main road and the traffic of Malatya will be significantly relieved. ”

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