tandem hillside pilots documented
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Tandem Paragliding Pilots Documented

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tandem paragliding pilot to increase the qualifications of the profession and the profession of the profession in accordance with the standards of the Vocational Qualification Authority [more…]

journey in history in istanbul moda tram
34 Istanbul

Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'

Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'. Istanbul is a city where the means of transportation have been transformed from day to day with its settlement area which has expanded throughout its history. From throne-to-revans to strings, from horse-drawn trams to trolleybuses, [more…]

44 Malatya

Priority in Malatya

After the declaration of 2019 as tarafından Pedestrian Priority Year tarafından by the Ministry of Interior, the Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya said that the traffic in the city center will be increased in order to create pedestrian awareness among the drivers. [more…]

Increasing traffic safety on roads

Increasing Traffic Safety on Roads

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality carried out snow poles, CTP (Cat Eye), traffic warning and direction sign on the road to Spil Mountain in order to ensure traffic safety. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, throughout the province [more…]

parking lot for erciyes university
38 Kayseri

350 Car Park for Erciyes University

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, within the campus of Erciyes University more regular flow of traffic and to prevent the shortage of parking in-house studies are also doing. In this context, Metropolitan Municipality [more…]