sanliurfada no noise pollution
63 Sanliurfa

No Pass to Noise Pollution in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the audits for public buses that caused noise pollution by collecting air horns were destroyed. Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Police Department by the teams connected to the public buses [more…]

ustyapi mobilization on the road to cat

Superstructure Mobilization on the Roof Road

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, without changing the face of the city's investment and projects, as well as basic municipal services are running without disruption. Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its tile, border and asphalt works in TOKİ's Yıldızkent roof road, [more…]

gaziantep gurultu action plan calistayi
27 Gaziantep

Gaziantep Noise Action Plan Workshop Held

G Gaziantep Noise Action Plan Workshop tarafından was organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. In the workshop held in the Metropolitan Municipality Bahriye Üçok Meeting Hall with the participation of experts of the subject and representatives of the relevant public / institution and organization, Gaziantep was noisy. [more…]