izmir and istanbul meet at the exhibition
35 Izmir

Izmir and Istanbul Meet at the Fair, Hasret Ends

6-15 The last Honorary Guest of the İzmir International Fair (İEF), which will be held for the 88 event between September, was announced. Istanbul, the partner country of the People's Republic of China, the Republic of India is the focus of the fair with Kahramanmaraş'la Honor [more…]

hyperloop working principle
1 America

Hyperloop Working Principle

Human beings have migrated for centuries and have taken long paths during these migrations. With the advent of time and the industrial revolution, steam-powered vehicles followed by the invention of the internal combustion engine. [more…]

transanatolia rally finishes sanliurfada

Transanatolia Rally to Finish in Sanliurfa

7, the Transanatolia Rally, which is among the most prestigious rallies in the world, known as the preparation of the Dakkar Rally. At the end of the day will make the finish in Sanliurfa. The rallyers will go to Göbeklitepe with the finish to be hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

ankara buyuksehirden anitkabire private study
06 Ankara

From Ankara Metropolitan to Anitkabir

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality carried out a meticulous and meticulous work at Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works 7 / 24 working asphalt after pavement maintenance and repair works [more…]