hyperloop working principle
1 America

Hyperloop Working Principle

Mankind has migrated for centuries and has come a long way during these migrations. Steam driven vehicles after the advancing time and industrial revolution and following this development [more…]

ankara buyuksehirden anitkabire private study
06 Ankara

From Ankara Metropolitan to Anitkabir

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality carried out a meticulous and meticulous work at Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs 7 / 24 working sidewalk [more…]

The spirit of August victory in Bursa
16 Bursa

30 August Spirit in Bursaray!

The show organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of August 97 Victory Day, touched the passengers of Bursaray. In the video shared on social media, players in Bursaray 30 August [more…]

road lines increase traffic safety
54 Sakarya

Road Lines Improve Traffic Safety

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its road marking works that increase traffic safety throughout the city and facilitate the transportation of vehicles on a regular basis. In this context, 2019 [more…]

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