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06 Ankara

TCDD General Manager Uygun Feast of Sacrifice Message

We are in the joy and happiness of achieving another Feast of Sacrifice where friendship, brotherhood and sharing have reached their peak in this land where we have lived together for a thousand years. Once again, to share bread at heart tables, to share the abundance in friendly assemblies and [more…]

million TL solution to the annual problem of kayser
38 Kayseri

50 Million TL Solution to Kayseri's 21-Year Problem

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç made investigations on the second main collector line of the city, which was built in 11 kilometer length, which started from Talas and continued through Hulusi Akar Boulevard to Baghdad Street. President Büyükkılıç, the future of the city 50 [more…]

nighttime shifts
16 Bursa

Night Shift in BursaRay

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to transportation activities with a 'modern and easily accessible city target' in Bursa, continues its work day and night on rail system lines. In order to ensure that citizens can travel in the city comfortably and safely, [more…]

new high-speed train set coming
06 Ankara

10 New High Speed ​​Train Coming Set

Business people, especially during their travels from Ankara to Istanbul, the route from the plane, high-speed train (YHT) began to change. TCDD Transportation has been finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of tickets coming from business circles and bureaucracy at an increasing rate. The company includes the [more…]

between ankara sivas yht will fall to the hour
06 Ankara

Between Ankara and Sivas YHT will drop to 2 Clock

Vice President Fuat Oktay, on each side of the country continued investment in Turkey is rapidly stating that "it did not stop any investment, work is continuing according to schedule. A train from Ankara takes 12 hours to reach Sivas. When the High Speed ​​Train is completed [more…]

Intelligent Signaling System for Pedestrians in Sivast
58 Sivas

Intelligent Signalization System for Pedestrians in Sivas

Sivas Municipality has implemented a smart signaling system in order to prevent pedestrians from having trouble due to the increasing number of vehicles and traffic. The signaling system installed at two points of the city in the first place makes it a great convenience for pedestrians to cross the street. [more…]

If we have yesiltepe tram line comes into service
07 Antalya

Varsak Yesiltepe Tram Line will be in service tomorrow

The decision of the Council pleasing Kırcami for Kırcami Mayor Böcek said, “Kırcami was not used in politics” Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council decided on the objections of Kırcami against 1/5000 and 1/1000 Master Zoning Plan Revisions at the Extraordinary Assembly meeting. Saying "Kırcami is not the fate of our citizen" [more…]