turhanin feast message
06 Ankara

Transport Minister Turhan's Message

We are realizing a more national holiday where resenters make peace, resentments come to an end and people get to their loved ones. On this occasion, Mubarak celebrates Eid al-Adha with the heartfelt wishes of our country, our nation, the Islamic world and all humanity. [more…]

bayrampasa bus station parking is as clean as ever
34 Istanbul

Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Lot

In accordance with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in the last session before the holiday, the works in the parking lot of Bayrampaşa Bus Station, which was transferred to İSPARK, came to an end. Old cabins have been removed and new ones have been replaced. Sub-car parks of the bus station which are not passed by dirt, İSTAÇ teams [more…]