Sakaryada public bus trades happy news
54 Sakarya

Happy News to Public Bus Tradesmen in Sakarya

In June, 2019 continues to provide monthly income support to private public bus trades for free travel. In this context, 690 thousand TL support was deposited to the account of trades. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Public Transportation Branch [more…]

bayrampasa bus station parking is as clean as ever
34 Istanbul

Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Lot

In accordance with the decision taken by the IMM Assembly in the last session before the holiday, the work in the Bayrampaşa Bus Station car park, which was transferred to İSPARK, has come to an end. The old cabins were removed, and new ones replaced. The lower car parks of the bus station, which were not passed through the dirt, were cleaned by İSTAÇ teams. Security in the region, EMPLOYMENT [more…]