A Bicycle Road to Be Built by Removing Tram Rails in Düzce

duzce will be bike friendly city
duzce will be bike friendly city

Düzce Municipality, Istanbul Street made a statement about the project prepared for. Thus, the long-term fate of the street became apparent. Within the scope of the project, a study will be carried out to encourage the use of bicycles instead of driving in the city center.

Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce On the first day of his appointment, Faruk Özlü put the fiscal discipline measures into effect and gave priority to the regulation of the budget. During the election period, President Özlü, who laid his arms for the numerous projects he talked about, pushed the button for the reorganization of Istanbul Street in the heart of the city. Regional trades, citizens and NGO representatives in constant consultation with President Ozlu, banks and shopping shops, instead of completely pedestrianized street, in the form of a combination of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian traffic decided to be organized.

City planner in line with the decision given by experts in the direction of Düzce Municipality on the street extending to the Anitpark square in the direction of East-West single lane car park, middle lane vehicle traffic flow, left lane tramway rails by lifting the bike path was accepted. Within the scope of the project, where measures will be taken to enable pedestrians to move freely on the street, increasing incentives for bicycles instead of using vehicles is among the most important targets.

“Street will meet the needs of all citizens”

Mayor Özlü made a brief statement about the issue and said: uz We are starting our investments for Düzce. In this regard, we evaluated the past process with consultations and determined our financial discipline. We are now ready for any kind of investment. Istanbul Street is one of the hearts of this city. There is a serious car and pedestrian traffic on the street. Besides, our city is quite suitable for bicycle use. Considering these criteria, we decided to make a gradual arrangement on the street. I believe that we will please everyone with this initiative that will encourage the use of bicycles. Our work will begin as soon as possible, already be good. ”

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