renewing roads in kayseride
38 Kayseri

Kayseri Erkilet Boulevard Renovated

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç, Erkilet Boulevard followed the paving work. Mayor Büyükkılıç, citizens continue to raise road standards based on satisfaction and comfort, he said. Metropolitan Municipality's work on Erkilet Boulevard continues. Big city [more…]

the first child gave the cards to the president robbed
35 Izmir

Mayor Soyer Gave First Child Izmirim Cards

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer gave the Children's İzmirim cards, which gave 0 usage rights per month to nine families with children between the ages of 5-10 and receiving financial support from the Municipality within the scope of Social Aid Regulation. August from the Children's Izmir card [more…]

asked numerous foreigners living in Turkey

Living Here Number of Foreigners in Turkey

Address Based Population Registration System, according to the results of 2018 years, December 31 2018 date, the foreign population was thousand 1 211 34 million people residing in Turkey. Turkey forms the 1,5% of the population of foreign nationals xnumx's% of the population [more…]

the decision of the cancellation of the stop in Antalya was revoked
07 Antalya

The Cancellation Decision Of Selekler Stop Is Revoked In Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality officials canceled the decision regarding the removal of Selekler Stop in line with the high demand from the citizens. The stop, which will continue to serve, has been revoked due to the removal of Antalya from the route in the city public transportation, and the decision to cancel the Selekler Stop. [more…]

railway workers go on strike in spain
34 Spain

Railway Workers on Strike in Spain

In Spain, 700 train services were canceled across the country due to the strike made by the General Business Confederation (CGT), to which the railway workers were affiliated, unions after the negotiations between the Spanish railways (RENFE) and the General Business Confederation (CGT) were not successful [more…]

kartepe cable car project sil bastan
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Cable Car Project Delete

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman parted ways with the contractor Valter, who undertook the construction of the ropeway project but could not start the project due to economic reasons. According to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from Özgürkocaeli; “President Kocaman said,“ We ​​invited the company after taking office, [more…]

from Russia to the Cine cable car in eight minutes
7 Russia

Eight Minutes by Cable Car from Russia to China

The world's first international cable car is installed on the Amur River between China and Russia. The cable car, which will be built on the Amur river, will connect China's Heine and Russia's Blagoveshchensk cities in an eight-minute journey. Cable car terminal in Blagoveshchensk [more…]

The cause of chaos in Istanbul traffic
34 Istanbul

The Cause of Chaos in Istanbul Traffic

Prof. Dr. We talked with Haluk Gerçek, about Istanbul's transportation problem, the source of this problem and how to solve it. According to the news of Evrensel's Meltem Akyol; “I think traffic comes to mind first when you say Istanbul. The traffic that never moves, the metrobus that never comes empty, which [more…]