Some steps of Istanbul highway
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Izmir Highway Opened

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opened: New sections are being put into service within the scope of the giant Istanbul Izmir Motorway Project, which will shorten the gap between Istanbul and 3.5. Completed [more…]

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens!
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens!

Istanbul Izmir Highway Opens! : The 8,5-kilometer section of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which will reduce the 3,5-hour travel time between Istanbul and Izmir to 192 hours, President Recep Tayyip [more…]

gebze orhangazi izmir motorway balikesir junction and akhisar junction
10 Balikesir

Izmir Istanbul Highway Route

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Highways announced in the Official Gazette on 2 August 2019 that Balıkesir West Junction and Akhisar Junction were opened for transportation. Izmir [more…]

istanbul izmir motorway opens today with the participation of president erdogan
34 Istanbul

Istanbul-Izmir Highway Route

Istanbul Izmir Highway Route: The Istanbul Izmir Highway, which will be one of the important transportation axes connecting the Marmara Region to the Aegean Region, Western Mediterranean and Western Anatolia Region, [more…]

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