TransportationPark belonging to the Bus Cleaning Day

ulasimparka bus cleaning was done on the bus
ulasimparka bus cleaning was done on the bus

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark's 336 bus has been taken into detailed cleaning before the possible intensity that may occur during the festival. The interior, exterior, windows, driver's cabin, handles, passenger seat handles, floors, ceiling, exterior ceiling and bottom corner cleaning of the buses were cleaned. Particularly high-usage areas of the buses, where detailed cleaning was performed, were disinfected with handles, head restraints, buttons to stop, steam engine and cleaning materials.

TransportationPark's 336 bus cleaning was carried out with methods developed in Nano Technology Laboratories, which is one of the latest technology cleaning applications. Produced according to the European Union standards, patented 80 ppm density nanoparticles used in cleaning work with materials used in cleaning materials approved by the Ministry of Health "" Biodiesel Product License "does not contain any risk.

The practice is in effect for three months. After the fogging, the amount of germ is measured regularly every month, while the 3 is sprayed once a month.

TransportationPark all buses are parked at the end of the day and taken to cleaning respectively. Carrying out the cleaning of the vehicles with 30 personnel until the morning, TransportationPark ensures that its passengers travel in a hygienic environment.

TransportationPark Bus Management Directorate did not neglect to take some precautions before the holiday due to the possible intensity during the festival. Daily 65 thousand people transported buses in the cleanliness of the officials who act meticulous about the passenger complaints may occur during the holidays with the passenger relations unit will continue to serve with the citizens to listen, will continue to solve complaints. In this direction, complaints, suggestions and requests will be received by the Metropolitan 153 Call Center.

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