demreliler bus got together
07 Antalya

Demreliler got on the bus

Demreliler got the bus. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to support districts and towns within the scope of its activities with the aim of more accessible cities. President Muhittin Böcek shortly [more…]

marmaray and capital city gocu
06 Ankara

Marmaray and Başkentray Migration

The first choice of those who want to move their house in Istanbul is proximity to public transportation routes. Within public transportation, proximity to rail lines, Metrobus and Marmaray options are mostly evaluated. [more…]

bottom kose cleaning on ego buses
06 Ankara

Bottom Corner Cleaning in EGO Buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which considers public health, is conducting disinfection and disinfection work on EGO buses for citizens to travel in a clean and hygienic environment. Healthy conditions of the capital [more…]

selendi became a more modern city
45 Manisa

Selendi Became a Modern City

MASKI General Directorate, Selendi district center has carried out a thousand square meters of superstructure work 110 completed. MASKİ Deputy Director General Erman Aydınyer Mayor Cengiz Ergün [more…]

another modern night
41 Kocaeli

Another Modern Overpass to Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has undertaken important investments in transportation, continues to implement important projects in order to facilitate the transportation of pedestrians as well as vehicle traffic. Izmit district [more…]