osman kavuncu refreshing boulevard
38 Kayseri

Osman Kavuncu Boulevard Renovating

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to renovate the roads worn due to traffic density. In this context, asphalting works carried out on Osman Kavuncu Boulevard are performed at night in order not to affect traffic. [more…]

iettden night flights announcement
34 Istanbul

IETT Announces Night Trips

IETT announced the ”24 hourly night lines üzerine on Twitter account paylaş upon the request of passengers ından. İETT made a statement on the official Twitter account about night flights. In a statement, [more…]

medina train station
966 Saudi Arabia

Medina Train Station

20 to the construction. Medina Train Station, which was the last stop of Hicaz Railway which started in the 16th century, was built by Sultan II. It is one of the monuments built by Abdülhamit in Medina. Despite all obstructions, approx. [more…]

Map of Paris Metro

Map of Paris Metro

The Paris Metro carries an average of 4,5 million passengers per day and operates with 62 stations, 297 of which provide connections to other lines. Paris, which has become one of the symbols of Paris [more…]