Pre-Bayram Audits Increased in AŞTİ

astide pre-feast inspections increased
astide pre-feast inspections increased

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teams, Eid al-Adha'na days before the capital in the four sides of the capital is spending intensive work within the scope of controls.

Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams routinely carry out inspections throughout the city routinely, the feast of the sacrifice of citizens to spend peace and security in the festivities of AŞTİ continues to control.


AŞTİ Teams connected to the Police Station Police Department; ticket offices, documents, expiration date of food products sold at kiosks, hygienic conditions are fulfilled individually checks.

The teams that perform all the controls of the bus companies, including fire tubes, warn the companies about the shortcomings identified.


Law enforcement teams warned about the prohibition of mobbing by law, not giving parade to the mobs, taking into account the complaints from citizens during the day-long inspections.

Police teams, ASTİ also will move from the platform to check the baggage vouchers and passengers' tickets on buses, warns citizens who violate the smokeless airspace, does not comply with an administrative fine is applied.

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