babadag tourism will fly by cable car
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Babadağ Tourism to Fly by Cable Car

Fethiye-Babadağ Air Games and Recreation Center, one of the most popular paragliding centers in the world, will be put into service at the end of next year. Fethiye-Babadağ Air Games and Recreation among the most popular paragliding centers in the world [more…]

ankarakartin year fees determined
06 Ankara

Ankarakart's 2020 Fees Have Been Determined

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council has determined the 2020 visa fees of Ankarakart, which is valid in public transportation vehicles, which is valid or discounted, and the Metropolitan Municipality, which meets under the chairmanship of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş [more…]

marmaray paid holiday free of charge is why
34 Istanbul

Bayramay Marmaray Paid, Metro Free! You ask why?

Hacıosman-Yenikapı line, one of Istanbul's two important rail systems, is free of charge during the festival and money is paid for Marmaray. The rationale is that the operation of Marmaray is attached to the ministry. In other words, someone who does not pay until Yenikapı by taking the metro Halkalıtransfer to [more…]

istanbul izmir motorway guzergahi
34 Istanbul

Toll Route and Cost of the Project

One of Turkey's most important highway projects has come to an end. Marmara and Aegean will now be closer. The last 9 kilometer section of the Motorway, which reduces the distance between Istanbul and Izmir from 3 hours to 192 and a half hours, has been completed. [more…]