opium black line line between the breakdown of the retaining wall to be torn down

Breaking in Afyon Karakuyu Line Tender Result

Afyon Karakuyu Line Km: Breaking the Retaining Wall Between 35 + 920-36 + 250 Tender Result TC State Railways Enterprise 7. Regional Procurement Directorate (TCDD) 2019/248779 KİK numbered limit value 555.437 TL and approximate cost 814.493,84 TL Afyon- Karakuyu Line [more…]

father's visit to the quarry tudemsasi
58 Sivas

Susmuş of 80 visited Father Hearth TÜDEMSAŞ

The musician and actress Aydın Sarman, who has a signature on many TV series and film music, especially the 80s series, came to TÜDEMSAŞ, where his father worked for 25 years, and visited General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu in his office. During the visit, his father Muhlis Sarman [more…]

Metrobus Map
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metrobus Stations and Map of Metrobus

You can see all the Istanbul Metrobus stops on the same map, find out which is the closest metrobus stop where you want to go and the distance to the metrobus stop, and share the location information of the stops with your friends. Istanbul Metrobus Stops Map updated [more…]

34 Istanbul

10 Break Between The Great Samandira

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues the road construction project in Maltepe, which will significantly relieve the traffic between Başıbüyük-Samandıra. Within the scope of the works, the existing road in Kemer Sokak Hayat Su district will be closed to traffic for 20 days. Başıbüyük-Samandıra under construction by IMM [more…]