Black Train Returns to Balıkesir

black train freezes back to balikesire
black train freezes back to balikesire

The steam locomotive rented by TCDD General Directorate to Yunus Emre Municipality of Manisa is going back to Balıkesir.

AK Party Balikesir deputy Mutlu Aydemir, with his explanation of the land train given to Manisa'ya a while ago announced that the return of Balikesir. Aydemir said in a statement; Kara While the land train, which has become one of the symbols of Balıkesir, is being exhibited at the entrance of Balıkesir Train Station at Cengiz Topel Street, it was moved to the General Directorate of National Real Estate and the train needed maintenance. As a result of our joint efforts with both our Regional Directorate and TCDD General Directorate, we have been in agreement to make maintenance and repair and bring them to our city. As we can see in the photos, our her KARA TREN ”, which we follow at every stage, is being repaired and silently removed and moved to our city as a bride. I would like to thank all our Balıkesir fellow citizens who supported the follow-up and support of the values ​​of our province in this process, especially to the prominent representatives of the local press that kept the issue hot and on the agenda, and to our general manager who is indifferent to the sensitivities of our Balıkesir which we have shown, and to those who contributed to being in the region. said.

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