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tcdd passenger transport map 2

TCDD Railways Map - High Resolution

01 Adana

Railways TCDD map - High Resolution: Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD, or simply regulating the railway transport in the Republic of Turkey is operating and controlling the government. TCDD Railways map printed annually for this institution [more…]

sleeping fees

TCDD Sleeper Charges


TCDD Sleeper Fees: Bed Bundle Prices are as follows BED WAGON PRICES (PASSENGER TRANSPORT + BED PRICE) TRAINS FULL% 20 DISCOUNT% 50 CHILD, DISABILITY DISCOUNT TL TL Ankara-İzmir (Blue) 1 Bed [more…]

tcdd kik meeting was held

TCDD GCC Meeting Held

06 Ankara

Transportation Executive Officer Kenan Çalışkan and Vice President İbrahim Uslu, Mehmet Yıldırım and Atilla Demirtunç attended the TCDD Board of Directors Administrative Meeting. TCDD General Directorate, Deputy General Manager İsmail Çağlar under the presidency of the JCC meeting [more…]

korean delegation toured railways museum

Korean Delegation Toured Railways Museum

06 Ankara

Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, showed Jun, Man-Kyung, Vice President of South Korea Railway Network Administration and the accompanying delegation to Atatürk House and Railways Museum in the National Struggle. From the Ottomans to the railway history [more…]

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