Tandem Paragliding Pilot National Qualification Approved

national qualification of tandem hillside pilot approved
national qualification of tandem hillside pilot approved

National Competence of Tandem Paragliding Pilot (Level 5) which is run by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry; It was approved by the Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA) and entered into force.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tandem Paragliding Pilot profession to be performed by competent people in the business of the 2014 year has been positive results. National Tandem Paraglider Pilot (Level 5) National Occupational Paraglider Pilot (Level 29) approved by the Board of Directors of Vocational The Standard was published in the Official Gazette dated 11 / 2017 / 30255 and repeated and entered into force. National Occupational created in the FMC site following its publication in the Official Gazette of Standards and Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, Youth and Sports General Directorate of Turkish Aeronautical Association and Turkey Sky Sports Studies where the Federation authorities Group was formed. VQA Working Group; The process of preparing National Qualification, which is the document explaining the knowledge, skills and competencies that individuals should have in order to perform their profession successfully and how they should go through a measurement and evaluation process in order to prove these competencies. National Qualification of Tandem Paragliding Pilot (Level 5) prepared after intensive studies; The Vocational Qualification Authority was examined in detail by the Sports and Recreation Sector Committee and the Vocational Qualification Authority entered into force after being approved by the Board of Directors decision 17 July 2019 and 2019 / 92.

What is National Qualification Aiming?

The National Qualification aims to carry out the Tandem Paragliding Pilot profession by qualified people and to increase the professional quality. For this purpose, the qualifications, knowledge, skills and competencies that tandem paragliding pilots should have in this qualification were defined. Tandem Paragliding Pilot (Level 5) National Qualification; occupational health and safety, environmental protection and quality requirements, pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight procedures were detailed. Tandem paragliding pilots; prove their professional competence by taking theoretical and practical exams based on published national qualifications.

Çıralı: Çalış We are working to improve the profession ”

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Osman Cirali said in a statement on the subject, the requirements of the profession in the new period according to the standards and qualifications of the tandem paragliding pilots said they were working for the certification. Tandem Paragliding Pilot Cirali pointed out that the profession of a special profession, "Turkey's number 1 the Babadag paragliding center, a magnet for tourists from all sectors, including primarily abroad. More than 160.000 paragliding flights take place in Babadağ. This requires that all processes of tandem paragliding, especially security, be performed in a complete and healthy manner, in accordance with the standards. Tandem paragliding pilots will prove that they have mastered all the processes related to the profession by taking the Professional Competency Exams. We as Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry are working to ensure the development of the profession. We have taken steps to become an Authorized Examination and Certification Center by the Vocational Qualification Authority. This process will work next year. May the sector and all tandem paragliding pilots do this work. ”

First in Sports and Recreation Sector

Tandem Paragliding Pilot (Level 5) conducted by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry; It was registered as the first profession in the Sports and Recreation Sector with both occupational standards and qualifications.

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