Intercity Railways

The largest investment in Kütahya

The biggest investment in Kütahya: AK Party Kütahya deputy Vural Kavuncu, Kütahya now also will meet electric trains and signalization system said. Kavuncu, 250 million pounds of railway investments will find the largest investment for the city, he said. [more…]

45 Manisa

Two Missile Cable Car and Hotel for Governor Bektaş Spil National Park (Photo Gallery)

Governor Bektaş Spil National Park Two Missing Cable Car and Hotel: MANİSA Governor Erdoğan Bektaş examined the completed infrastructure works in the Spil National Park. Spil'in 2 deficiency, indicating that the Governor Bektaş, "One cable car, the other hotel investment," he said. [more…]


3 Airport airport riot among forest villagers

3 airport rebellion among forest villagers: Forest villagers listened to the aid cry of the villagers who rebelled because of the 3 airport. Al 3. Emergency Action Plan dı, which is one of the Northern Forest villages where the Council of Ministers has made UM Expropriation “decisions for the third airport project. [more…]

61 Trabzon

Maçkaya cable car and ski resort

Maçkaya cable car and ski resort will be made when: AK Party Chairman of Trabzon Province. Adnan Gunnar stated that the AK Party of Turkey's medarıiftar 'Thank God we have not embarrassed at all so far. We have always won the favor of our citizens. Such an [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kardemir Inc. Musiad International Fair

Kardemir Inc. Musiad International Fair: Karabuk Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company participated in 15 MUSIAD International Fair. Ir Kardemir wants to be a worldwide brand now,, said Osman Kalaycıoğlu, Chief Engineer at Ray-Profil Rolling Mill. 15 1st Independent Industrialist [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Studies of Akdeniz Municipality

Asphalt Studies of the Mediterranean Municipality: The Directorate of Science Affairs of the Municipality of Akdeniz continues the asphalt pavement and patch works in various neighborhoods. The Directorate of Science Affairs of the Municipality of Akdeniz continues its asphalt pavement and patch works in the neighborhoods it receives. To the Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]


Yonca junction response

Yonca junction response: MHP Provincial Chairman of the rant debated the way discussed. MHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Muammer Demeli Trabzon no solution to the problem is not sought, no mega project not done, stating that some of the projects served ranta, he said. West side of Akyazi Stadium [more…]

32 Isparta

Xanthi launch in the Davraz Ski Center

Davraz Ski Center in the early years after the opening of the season 15: 22-kilometer runway length of Turkey's major ski resorts in the Davraz season 15 years later, as a result of the arrival of snow until early 1 meters compared to previous years [more…]

16 Bursa

Uludag 'a snow early, bookings fell fast

Uludag 'a snow early, bookings rained fast: one of the favorite centers of skiing and winter tourism, the so-called merkez white heaven, tur Uludag, the early thought of profit, bookings in facilities quickened without opening the season. 22 in the first and second settlements, except public guesthouses [more…]