Governor Bektaş: Two Misses of Spil National Park: Cable Car and Hotel

manisa spil cable car
Photo: Manisa Municipality

Governor Bektaş Spil National Park's Two Missing Ropeways and Hotel: MANİSA Governor Erdoğan Bektaş examined the completed infrastructure works in the Spil National Park on site. Stating that Spil has 2 shortcomings, Governor Bektaş said, "One is a cable car investment and the other is a hotel investment.

Governor of Manisa Erdoğan Bektaş examined the infrastructure investments completed by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Nature Conservation and National Parks 4th Regional Directorate in Spil Mountain National Park. Şehzadeler District Governor İsmail Çorumluoğlu, Provincial Police Chief Tayfur Erdal Ceren, Provincial Mufti Sinan Cihan, Environment and Urbanism Provincial Director Mustafa Yılmaz, Food Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Hasan Çebi, Anemon Hotels Chain Honorary President İsmail Akçura, Forestry and Water Affairs 4 Regional Manager Rahmi Bayrak and Regional Directorate staff attended. During the investigation, Rahmi Bayrak, Regional Director of Forestry and Water Affairs, gave information about the completed infrastructure and superstructure works in Spil Mountain National Park. During the visit, Governor Bektaş and his entourage went to the Karadag Fire Watchtower, Çampınar and Seyir Hill and made investigations.

Governor Erdogan Bektas stated that the Spil National Park is an important work for both Manisans and investors. Spiller has become a national park will be an example to Turkey and Manisa was an important place for investors in both. There is no shortage of infrastructure in Spil anymore. The investor did not come to Spil National Park because of the lack of infrastructure. After that, it will become the favorite of investors. Spil has two major shortcomings. One is a cable car and the other is a hotel investment. These two shortcomings will be made to the private sector by tender within the coming months.

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