Konya-Karaman speed train construction accelerates

Konya-Karaman high-speed train construction is accelerating: the ongoing high-speed train line between Konya and Karaman will be accelerated.

Republic of Turkey from the Railways (TCDD), according to a written statement, in this context, 1 December xnumx't onwards operated in Central Anatolia between Karaman-Konya, Blue and Taurus diesel trains to be operated by Express will be looking for 2014 months. TCDD, during this time in connection with the Ankara-Konya YHT Konya-Karaman bus services will be held.

TCDD toll stations, internet site, call center, mobile applications and agencies will be able to get tickets for the connected buses to be operated between Karaman and Konya. Passengers will be able to travel by taking advantage of the buses connected to 12,75 lira, which is the current train price between Karaman and Konya.

Connected bus services planned in 8.40, 11.20, 13.10, 15.45, 17.35, 20.10 hours from Konya in connection with YHT; 7.00, 9.30, 11.45, 14.10, 16.30 and 19.10 from Karaman.

On the other hand, passenger transportation will be continued with Toros Express, which is located between Karaman and Adana. Toros Express will move from Karaman to 16.24 and will arrive in Adana at 21.30. 7.01'da moving from Adana to the diesel set will arrive at 12.18 Karaman.

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