3. Asphalt paved over the bridge

  1. Asphalt paved on the bridge: 3. The asphalt works on the highway route started in the bridge and North Marmara Highway Project. Asphalt was poured into the 2 kilometer section of the road in Odayeri and the road was ready for use.
  2. The Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway Project were carried out by the construction company ICA. Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project continued to work. In the statement, the 3 kilometer part of the motorway, which was poured for the first time on the European Side in the North Marmara Motorway route, was made ready for use. 2 on the completed infrastructure. and 64. kilometers between asphalt pouring process was done said.
    During the asphalt casting process, a team of 45 people working on the North Marmara Motorway E-2 Section Responsible said that the construction of the asphalt in the region is planned to continue asphalt casting after the end of 37. Some time ago, the Sarıyer-Demirciköy transportation route, which went over the route, was paved and put into service.

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