The one-way application in the silver house starts on Sunday

The one-way application in the silver house starts Sunday: the new traffic flow in the city center, which will be implemented by Gümüşhane Municipality within the scope of the work to end the traffic troubles in the city, will be realized on Sunday.
The new traffic flow in the city center, which will be implemented by Gümüşhane Municipality within the scope of the work to end the traffic troubles in the city, will be realized on Sunday.
According to the new routes determined by the Provincial Traffic Commission after the decision of 11 November 2014 date and 2014 / 7, traffic flow in some streets will be reduced to one direction while in some streets double direction application will continue. In addition, with the decision, trucks were banned from the city center for certain hours.
Mayor Ercan Çimen pointed out that the drivers and citizens should pay attention to the traffic signs and signs to avoid any kind of victimization.
Çimen, the city as a municipality to solve the traffic frustration about a month after the 6 work to record new routes, said: eş We have done a long-term work as a municipality. While conducting the study, we received the opinions of the tradesmen, citizens and non-governmental organizations in our province. In addition, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, traffic teams from İSPARK'dan brought them a study. As a result of our evaluations we have determined the routes. I hope the new traffic scheme will relax the city traffic, İn he said.
Çimen stated that there will be relaxation in the city traffic after the new determined routes, Mah After the joint work of our Municipality and Police Department, a one-way traffic arrangement will be made in Karaer Mahallesi Atatürk Street, Fuadiye Street, Hasanbey District, Cumhuriyet Street and Hasanbey Street. According to this, starting from the point of joining with Hasanbey Caddesi in front of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in front of the Fatih Park front of the roundabout in front of the Fatih Park, starting from the front of the junction in front of the PTT Zafer Street until the connection to the direction of Bayburt will be used as a one-way direction. Starting from the entrance in front of the PTT, including the front of the Kemaliye Mosque, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture until the point where the merger with Cumhuriyet Caddesi will be used as a one way direction from Bayburt to Trabzon. The driver who wants to get off from Zafer Street to Atatürk Street will be able to make a one-way departure from the side of Kemaliye Mosque. Atatürk Street Zafer Street will be provided as one-way routes from Hürriyet Street. From Ahmet Ziyaüddin Street to Atatürk Street, there will be double directions. At the junction of Köprübaşı Police Center, the signaling system will be moved to Ahmet Ziyaüddin Caddesi after the renovation of the historical bridge by closing the traffic. Imamoglu street and Fuadiye Street will continue to be used as one-way. Şehit Lieutenant Murat Akçay Street and Daltaban Bridge was not changed ağı he said.
Noting that the entry of trucks loaded into the city is prohibited, Çimen said, en Load-carrying trucks caused disruption in the traffic in the city. Therefore we blocked the entry of trucks at certain times. The trucks will not enter the city center between 08.00-21.00 on weekdays, 12.00-21.00 on weekdays, Cumhuriyet Avenue, Atatürk Street, Hasan Bey Street, Hürriyet Street, Ahmet Ziyaüddin Street, Zafer Caddesi, Sebahattin Aytaç Street and Fuadiye Street. However, load-bearing vehicles that will be destroyed and evacuated will be able to unload their cargo by obtaining permission from the Directorate of Traffic Registration and Inspection. The entrances of the trucks to the city center will be free all day of the day on Sunday, Kamyon he said.
Çimen reminded that the Gümüşhane Bridge, which is located next to the Köprübaşı Police Station and which provides access to the transit route from the city center, will be closed to vehicle traffic. Üs We closed the Gümüşhane Bridge next to the Köprübaşı Police Station to the vehicle traffic. This bridge will be restored to the decision taken by the High Council of Monuments. After the restoration work, the bridge will only remain open to the pedestrian passage. Restor

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