3 Airport airport riot among forest villagers

3 airport rebellion among forest villagers: Forest villagers listened to the aid cry of the villagers who rebelled because of the 3 airport.
For the third airport project, Ağaçlı hosted the kö 3. Airport Emergency Action Plan'n meeting of the Northern Forest villages where the Council of Ministers made Plan Expropriation alim decisions. Excavation trucks, such as a train wagon in the wooded village, the coast was closed to the use of villagers, improperly taken from the sea to the fields of the sand taken off and residing in Göktürk 'Prime Minister Davutoglu to be disturbed' trucks were directed to forest villages.
Due to the 3 airport operations, the decision to expropriate the village was hosted by the N 3. Emergency Action Plan ası meeting held in the wooded village of Eyüp, under the leadership of the North Forest Defense (KOS). CHP deputy chairman Sezgin Tanrıkulu, CHP Istanbul deputies Aykut Erdoğdu and Melda Onur gave support to the villagers who transferred the daily life of the forest villages in the north of Istanbul to the villagers because of the excavation trucks.
3. bridge project in the case of the contractor firm ICA in the region in the area of ​​exploration license in the north of the North Istanbul Inc. formed by the exploration of the village, the public has closed the use of public access to the shore, and the airport required for the filling of the sand was claimed for the extraction process. It was reported that the depths that started suddenly at sea due to the sand extraction process and the drowning cases increased.
Dense excavation truck traffic in the region because of the dust in the summer, in the winter about the fight with the mud villagers, the noise and traffic accidents that occur almost every day voiced their concerns. Yasemin Akpinar, who has been living in the village for the 10 years, said that the children who go to school frequently experienced life-threatening danger. Parents stated that they were the only school in the region and that even the 3 grade students were still in the phase of hyphenation.
Another claim of the villagers is that the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who resides in Gokturk, in Eyup, is directed to Agacli village in order not to be affected by the excavation traffic in the region. At the meeting, in order to eliminate the ugly image created by the excavation trucks, the vehicle in the Çiftalan region was directed to the village of Ağaçlı, which is an alternative route.
CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu, who is in a short section of the meeting, stated that they will do what is needed for the northern forest villagers and they will carry the issue to parliament. CHP Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu 3 made to Istanbul. bridge, 3. He stated that projects such as the airport and Kanal Istanbul are part of a plan to open the northern part of Istanbul. Erdoğdu also stated that the CHP would file a criminal complaint regarding the attempt to pull sand from the sea in Ağaçlı. CHP deputy Melda Onur also underlined that 'the issue is no longer an environment, but a struggle for living space.' The meeting, which also included members of the Northern Forest Defense, was announced in the coming days.

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