Yonca junction response

Yonca junction response: MHP Provincial Chairman of the rant debated the way discussed. MHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Muammer Demeli Trabzon no solution to the problem is not sought, no mega project not done, stating that some of the projects served ranta, he said. Akyazi Stadium on the west side of the 1490-meter exit path of the South Ring Road, which can be made with the recording Demeli, "Trabzon people should evaluate it," he said. Demeli criticized the insensitivity of the power against problems such as the City Hospital, South Ring Road, Logistics Merke, Airport Second Run, Second State University and Regional Administrative Court.
MHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Muammer Demeli Akyazı Stadium Project within the scope of the Star output and Star, completely destroying the 'Yonca Junction Project on the agenda by carrying harsh criticism found. Demeli said that the South Ring Road could be built with the money to be spent on this intersection. 1490 million pounds even exceeding the cost of the stadium 600 million pounds of projects producing this understanding is unacceptable, elik he said.
According to the discourses, this junction will be a junction that will send the supporters coming from the Akyazi Stadium to the west.'N This junction will have no other feature. The public interest is not observed in the BU 1490-meter road project to be built at the exit of the Star of Akyazı Stadium. The 1490 million pound project, which exceeds the cost of the stadium on the 600 meter, is unacceptable. Even the South Ring Road can be started and finished. South End of Samsun, Samsun finished, Giresun half finished. The South Ring Road was started in Gümüşhane to finish Rize. There is no sound in Trabzon. Your conscience never hurts? The reason is very high cost. If the cost is high, why are you doing this clover junction, brother? Make the clover junction do something simpler. You're destroying the Star. You're making people suffer. Spend the 600 million TL on the Ring Road. Is that bad? I want the people of Trabzon to evaluate it. Let us explain what we are saying if they lie imiz he said.
Regarding the Kanuni Boulevard, he asked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality but he could not get a reply. We still haven't got a date. 3-4 says it will end in years. I also say that at least 15 years of the construction of the Kanuni Boulevard. Because they are making cheap costs to the Kanuni Boulevard. More expensive costs, expropriation areas did not come. Now the money flow to Trabzon stopped.
Let's look at Erdogan Bayraktar's discourses. He just left in a local press. If it's a lie, it's their lie. Bayraktar says: için Değirmendere and Çömlekçi urban transformation have vital importance for Trabzon. They went heavy. The tannery hasn't finished in seven years. The end of the rate, the industry in Değirmendere also needs to move. Oran This is not a representative of the opposition. He says the minister of power. Then Bayraktar said:, In Trabzon, the industry is over, the economy is finished and the population is losing. Of course, that makes people sad. Therefore, if we could stay a little bit more looking, we would make more permanent investments. Permanent investments saved Trabzon. They say the Zigana Tunnel will be, I don't think it will be soon, olac he says. Again, I say this, not MHP MPs say the AKP's minister says. It's all clear. We always say that if we can not find a place in the metropolitan hospital today, the AKP government is responsible for this. The head of the AKP and the deputies of the AKP are responsible for this. If the South Ring Road was to be realized, we could now show the government almost three hundred acres. As the MHP, we didn't say the last word about the South Ring Road. We'il keep talking on the agenda.
Logistics area. A promise was made on this matter, then it was denied. Rize was made. They said that we are investing in the island to keep us entertained and deceive. What happened to the investment island? Another spring. Airport second runway. Such a promise was put forward. Look, we're always lingering. What do you call now, we'll start in Rize already, you do not need your second runway to run out of Giresun-Ordu. And what about the railway? What happened to our second university? What about the transfer of the regional administrative court from Trabzon to Samsun? Recently, we visited the Bar Association as the Provincial Administration. Mr. Orhan Öngöz, the President of the Bar Association said, han Please support us on this issue. We call from here. The AKP's provincial provincial president, AKP MPs, those who voted for the AKP will fight for it. We want to see you with us. Let's not remove this court from here. Everything is taken from here and given to Samsun. Did someone press the button for Trabzon? No owner of Trabzon? Trabzon



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