Kardemir A.ş. At Müsiad International Fair

Kardemir A.ş. At Müsiad International Fair: Karabük Demir Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi participated in the 15th MUSIAD International Fair. Ray-Profil Rolling Mill Operation Chief Engineer Osman Kalaycıoğlu said, “Kardemir now wants to become a worldwide brand”.

15 1st Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) International Fair was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Kardemir A.Ş., which took its place at the fair held in Istanbul Expo Center hosted visitors.

Osman Kalaycıoğlu, Chief Engineer at Ray-Profil, stated that participation in the fair was intense. For this fair, Kardemir's goal is to introduce himself to people who do not know us and who do not have a lot of ideas about us. our current position, our future plans, our products and new investments to provide information about our current goal in this way, um he said.

Stating about Kardemir's goals, Osman Kalaycıoğlu said, Kard We have long and short term targets. We reach 3 million tons. We're about to take over the blast furnace 5. This is very important for Kardemir. We got our converter, our steel mill. However, our new coil, our high-quality round bar is moving. We will serve our railway wheel service in 2015 year. We have this kind of work. As Kardemir, we are trying to strengthen our position in the market and to come to better places and we will work Kard.


Stressing that Kardemir has achieved a very good momentum from the past to the present, Osman Kalaycıoğlu said, al Looking at the momentum in the past process, we can predict where we can come from in the coming years. But Kardemir now wants to become a worldwide brand. already a brand in Turkey, will be a very good place and in a much better place. However, Kardemir wants to make himself known worldwide. He wants to sell goods to Europe and wants to be a world-class company in the iron and steel industry. All our preparations, all our efforts in this direction and we are preparing ourselves as Kardemir employees, we are working for it Bütün.

Stating that they are pleased to participate in MÜSİAD fair, Kalaycıoğlu said, uk In the coming years, such organizations and such fairs continue to expand. We also introduce Kardemir to the people in the sector and we will have the opportunity to work to get to better places. Biz

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