When will the Maçka Cable Car and Ski Facility be built?

macka taskisla and eyup piyer loti cable car services restart
macka taskisla and eyup piyer loti cable car services restart

AK Party Trabzon Provincial President Dr. Adnan Günnar stated that the AK Party is Turkey's food-iftar and said, "Thank God, we have never been embarrassed until now. Continuous trust of our citizens kazansteep. What could be better than being a politician at a party like this? The new Turkey needs the AK Party.

Being a member of this party is above everything else. In all our congresses, which we held in Trabzon for the 14th time, we set out with a single list in brotherhood and consensus. We sat down and talked with our friends who wanted to be candidates. How important it is to set off with consultations. Our friends understood that it is important not only for the districts but also for Turkey. Eliminating resentments through consensus and reconciliation in single-listed elections is an application that we do to avoid distancing from the party. Thank you to our friends who followed suit.

He knows how difficult it is to take risks in a place called little Moscow. Çaykara with its cosmopolitan structure. Tonya, the peace of people from Torul, as Maçkalı, we can't get enough of it. We said that a cable car needs to be built in Maçka at the time, they told us to pass the crazy stuff. Now we are doing the cable car from Maçka to Sümela with the Metropolitan Municipality. They said that not everyone can catch snow for Çakırgöl, there will be no facilities there. But we had international measurements made. It was determined as the most beautiful snow-holding area. It was determined as the longest natural runway. I am a skier. A friend of ours who broke both of his arms while skiing. Hopefully, we will open a giant ski facility there," he said.

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