Gazipasa six airports with viaducts

Viyadükl six Gazipaşa airport: airport Gazipaşa six viaducts, which is above the runway work with one project property in Turkey is scheduled to end in May xnumx't.
Gazipaşa Airport runway extension of Antalya, which was started on the orders of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, continues in a feverish manner. Within the scope of the work carried out by TAV Construction under the TAV Holding, 90 staff works day and night as a double shift. TAV Construction Project Manager Mr. Mert Köktürk said that he made the viaduct work themselves at the request of the Highways. 36 meter-wide viaduct to strengthen the bored piles stating that Köktürk said, they made a very serious filling work.
Köktürk, who stated that they worked as double shifts to finish the runway extension before the end of May, could not work on the track until this time because of the flight traffic until 16.00. We can enter the airport runway after the 16.00. Work will occur over a beautiful work when I know that it is the first in Turkey, "he said. Runway extension work will cost around 40 million dollars.

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