Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu from MHP: Knowing the tender of the train abroad

Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu from MHP: Knowing the tender of the train abroad, Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu, Vice-President of MHP, asserted that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not give a chance to local firms in the tender for the 17 train set (85 wagon) consisting of five cars. R There are many domestic companies engaged in wagons. The desired conditions reveal that the tender is delivered to the address. These tender conditions should be corrected and local companies should be observed Bu.

MHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has announced that the contract for the 17 train set cut off the domestic industrialists, the delivery of the quality of delivery, arguing that the quality, he said:
UM The average annual turnover of the company participating in the tender must be 100 million Euros and it must show 65 million Euros. It should be a company that has been successful in at least two contracts within five years and delivered the 120 light rail vehicle similar to the proposed train set. ' This leads to this; Domestic companies do not have the chance to enter. Literally delivered to the address and prepared according to overseas companies. The figures show us that we cannot be a local company.

Metropolitan Municipality, 'European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have used their specification such as' can take refuge under the pretext. However, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has organized it in the form of a local company. Municipality, made the same mistake in the ferry tender, the local company took the tender. We expect this tender to be corrected and the tender conditions to make quality and cheap to enter the local companies to ensure that the regulation of domestic capital and to observe. Bursa Durmazlar, Ankara Bozankaya, Kayseri Rail Tour, İzmir Safkar, Adapazarı Özbir Wagon, İstanbul Medel, Eskişehir Savronik railway and sub-industry companies with competencies. ”
Tanrikulu, 57. During the government period, while the Minister of Industry and Trade, the share of the domestic contribution, which was 40, was increased to 50. It drove.

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