Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran Railway Line 3 to Open in December

Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran Railway Line 3 Will Be Held in December: Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Iran's international railway line 3 will be opened in December.

Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran international railway line 3 will be opened in December.

Turkmenistan-Iran section of the railway will be opened with the opening. The Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan section of the giant project was opened in May last year.

With the introduction of the railway, a low cost and fast transportation corridor will be formed in Europe, Central and South Asia and Middle East.

2007-3 will be transported annually on the railway line, which was started to be built in Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan by the agreement signed in 5. The amount of cargo carried forward in the next period is expected to rise to 10-12 million tons.

The 82 kilometer of the railway line is Iran, the 700 kilometer is Turkmenistan, and the 120 kilometer passes through the borders of Kazakhstan.

Heads of the respective countries are expected to attend the opening ceremony of the line.

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