Metal Railings in Kocaeli were Painted in Turquoise and White

Metal railings in Kocaeli are painted Turquoise and White
Metal railings in Kocaeli are painted Turquoise and White

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, while realizing the superstructure works that bring comfort to transportation, intervenes in the parts of these structures that wear out over time and their appearance deteriorates. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe intersection, which he built went bankrupt, the metal railings on the overpass and road sides that were peeling off and rusting were painted with Turquoise and White, the corporate colors of the Metropolitan, by the teams of the Park, Garden and Green Areas Department.

Izmit district intersection, sunk output, overpass and roadside railings were painted by teams. Within this scope, two steel overpasses in SEKA Park in Izmit were re-painted by the teams. Work was completed on the railings along Miralay Mümtaz Street, the waterfall overpass on the power plant slope, the Justice Bridge and the Seka Tunnel railings. With the work done, the appearance of the railings rusting on the overpasses and creating a bad image was improved. Balustrades and overpasses have a beautiful appearance with Turquoise and White, the institutional colors of the Metropolitan.

Studies included SEKA Park 2. Etap Acıbadem Connection Bridge, SEKA State Hospital vehicle road connection bridge, Yahya Kaptan walkway D-100 railings, Brisa Turnoff Interchange, Bahçecik Battı Output, Mümtaz Miralay Street roadside, SEKA Park SEKA Mosque crossing and Outlet Junction railings coloring page work continues. By painting the metal railings, rusting will be prevented.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many important projects in the last 15 years, is continuing its works in order to make the city look greener and more beautiful. With the metal railing painting works carried out throughout Kocaeli, the intersection, sunk, and overpasses and roads used by the citizens every day are provided to become more beautiful than visual pain.

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