antalya night bus service times rearranged
07 Antalya

Antalya Night Bus Scheduled

Antalya Night Bus Schedules Reorganized; Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, public transportation in the winter time in order to prevent the public has made trouble. Vehicles starting at night with 23.00 [more…]

ulasimpark employees donated blood
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark Employees Donated Blood

TransportationPark Employees Donated Blood; One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark A.Ş. employees donated blood to the Red Crescent. The first blood of donation in the beach road bus garage is TransportationPark A.Ş. General Manager Salih Kumbar. [more…]

bumatech fair opened its doors
16 Bursa

BUMATECH Fair Opens Its Doors

BUMATECH Fair Opens Its Doors; With the digital age we live in, production processes are changing. Technological developments, which provide less energy and more efficiency, are also present in the machinery manufacturing sector. Machine [more…]

focused on what can be done on eso and eosb rail systems
26 Eskisehir

Focused on ESO and EOSB Rail Systems

A regular 'Consultation Meeting' was held by the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) and Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB). At the meeting, evaluations regarding the rail systems sector were examined. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry [more…]