34 Istanbul

Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line comes alive

The Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line comes to life: 1. The Haliç-Black Sea field line, which was established to transport coal to the Silahtarağa thermal power plant, which brought Istanbul to power for the first time on the shores of the Golden Horn, is one of the lignite mines on the Black Sea coast in World War II. [more…]


Solar Map of Turkey

Map of Turkey Sun: 225 billion annual electricity consumption has been identified as kilovasaat in Turkey. Looking at the data on how this electricity is supplied,% 22 is hydraulic energy sources,% 19 is domestic coal source, [more…]


Diyarbakır Light Rail System Project

My site has come to Diyarbakır Light Rail System Project: In order to implement the Light Rail System project which will allow Diyarbakır to breathe in public transportation, it has been reported that the Ministry of Development should be included in the investment program. From winter, ministry [more…]

06 Ankara

EIA process for North Railway

EIA process for the Northern Railway: The EIA meeting dates were determined for the “Adapazarı-İstanbul Northern Crossing Railway” project, the most important part of the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Project of the Ministry of Transport. The EIA in Izmit [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metris Tram Stop in Istanbul

Horror at the Metris Tram Stop in Istanbul: A woman passed out while waiting at the Metris Tram stop in Istanbul. At that time, another tram from the direction of Habipleri, taking her under two meters [more…]

35 Izmir

Tram is sloppy

Tramway is being careless: İzmir Chamber of Architects stated that the tramway and coastal design projects of the metropolitan area were carried out carelessly. Room President Alpaslan, "We expect a detailed explanation from the Metropolitan" said Izmir Metropolitan Municipality tram and [more…]


Raysever Poet

In the absence of the railroad could not withstand the population The land of our planet Şair Güntürk ÜSTÜN