Osman Kavuncu Boulevard Renovating

osman kavuncu refreshing boulevard
osman kavuncu refreshing boulevard

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to renovate the roads worn due to traffic density. In this context, asphalting works carried out on Osman Kavuncu Boulevard are performed at night in order not to affect traffic.

Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, one of the most important boulevards of the city has initiated an intensive paving work. Works are carried out in 8 stage and at night to prevent traffic disruption. Asphalting works started at 21.00 in the evening and continue until 07.00 in the morning and the roads paved open to traffic.

Osman Kavuncu Boulevard asphalt paving works began at the DSI Junction. Organized Industrial Junction will be paved in the direction of going to the 7,5 kilometer road after the asphalting work in the direction of arrival. Approximately 15 thousand asphalt will be used in the asphalt works of Metropolitan Municipality Osman Kavuncu Boulevard.

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