Kocaeli tramline is taking measures in the working line

In the Kocaeli tram line, the municipal police are taking measures: In the points where the tramway works are carried out, the Metropolitan Police regulates the traffic flow.

Accelerating the transportation network of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe Tramway Project is progressing rapidly with the infrastructure and superstructure works carried out at different points of the city. Special precautions are also taken for the problems related to the traffic flow that may occur in the streets and streets where the works take place. Metropolitan Police teams work with a team of 30 people to ensure uninterrupted transportation of citizens.

Implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality; In order to make the traffic flow more secure in the tram works that will be operated between Intercity Terminal and Sekapark, municipal police teams spend time all day long. The team consisting of 30 members of Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Municipal Police headquarters directs traffic in areas where work is carried out. Teams directing public transport and private vehicles to alternative roads are working to minimize congestion.

Metropolitan Municipal Police teams, who work for the regular flow of traffic, also find solutions to requests from citizens. The teams listening to the demands of the tradesmen in the places where the works are carried out, communicate them to the related companies and resolve them as soon as possible. Teams alerting citizens waiting at temporary stops are provided with information about alternative stops. Police teams also serve in the evening when the traffic order.

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