06 Ankara

4 in High Speed ​​Train until August

The journey by High Speed ​​Train is like a 'closed box office'. High Speed ​​Train, which is free for the first week, is experiencing great intensity. Izmit people, the pain of the days without a train almost with the journey of YHT [more…]


RAYDER and ARUS's local revolt

RAYDER and ARUS's local rebellion: RAYDER and ARUS criticize South Korean Eurotem and Chinese CSR for failing to fulfill their commitments. The requirement of complying with local contribution from international companies participating in the specifications of all important projects in the world [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mardine high speed train from Istanbul

Istanbul Mardine high-speed train: AK Party Promotion and Media Vice President Ihsan Sener, Karaman-Konya high-speed train line will extend from Nusaybin to Habur, he said. AK Party Vice President of Promotion and Media İhsan [more…]


Unfinished Road Causes Accidents

Unfinished Road Causes Accidents: YOZGAT'ta divided road after the work of the planned asphalt concrete concrete asphalt work could not be completed, said it triggered fatal traffic accidents. Due to the works closed to traffic, transportation from one lane [more…]


50 made the bridge in the 20 day

50 The Bridge That the State Didn't Do in the Year 20 Made the Day: The residents of Çamköy, connected to the district of TOKAT, built the bridge that 50 had been trying for years to build for the state. almus [more…]

06 Ankara

Katener has become a question: 250 Km

Catenary was a Question Proposal: 250 Km Goes Fast: CHP Istanbul Deputy Dr. Sezgin Tanrıkulu told the Minister of Transport Elvan, “The catenary is not at the entrance to Kocaeli where the train slows down, but at 235 - 250. [more…]


Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Launched

Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Opened for Service: AK Party Bartın Deputy Yılmaz Tunç along with the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Kenan Dursun, AK Party District President Bekir Karabacak and some members of the organization [more…]


Çorumun has only a railway problem

Corum has only a railroad problem: AK Party Deputy Corum Cahit Bagci, Corum said that only the railroad problem remains. Speaking at the opening of the Hitit University Training and Research Hospital Tube Center, Bağcı said: 12 [more…]


Traffic control for public buses

Traffic control of public buses: Istanbul Traffic Control Branch Directorate teams under the Topkapi bridge, public buses and minibuses made the application. Civilian traffic supervisors in buses and minibuses [more…]


Tests on New Lines

Test Drives on New Lines: After a long process, test drives were finally started on the lines. Trolley extension works that started in all neighborhoods at the same time in order to raise elections in Eskişehir turned life into a blindness. [more…]

Asphalt News

Record paving

Record asphalting in Sincin: The biggest asphalt paving in the history of Xinjiang was made. 5,5 million tons of asphalt, with the cooperation of Metropolitan Municipality and Sincan Municipality, makes the streets and streets of Sincan more modern. [more…]


Expropriation of rush for Konak Tunnels

Immediate expropriation for Konak Tunnels: The expropriation process officially starts in Damlacık, the historical district of İzmir, which is in danger of extinction due to the construction of Konak Tunnels. Informal distribution recently [more…]