RAYDER and ARUS's local revolt

RAYDER and ARUS rebellion: RAYDER and ARUS criticize the South Korean Eurotem and the Chinese CSR for failing to fulfill their commitments. The requirement of complying with the domestic contribution from the international companies participating in the specifications of all the important projects takes place in the world. From Boeing China [more…]


Karsta Arrival Made Beautiful Road Work Drivers

Karsta Arrival Made Beautiful Road Work Drivers: The Highways in Kars 18. The construction of the road in Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır Highway, which started to be constructed by the Regional Directorate, made the arrival of asphalt works beautiful and infuriated the drivers. Highways 18. Regional Directorate of Kars, [more…]


Yalıkavak - The first measure on Gündoğan road

Yalıkavak - The first measure on the way to Gündoğan: In Bodrum, Muğla, Yalıkavak-Gündoğan road began to work to prevent the increased traffic accidents. The first measures are taken on the road between Yalıkavak Gündoğan which is on the agenda due to recent accidents. The provision of the Ministry of Tourism [more…]


Unfinished Road Causes Accidents

Unfinished Road Causes Accidents: In YOZGAT, it is stated that concrete asphalt works which are planned to be carried out after the infrastructure work on the divided road, cannot be completed and it has triggered fatal traffic accidents. This year in areas where traffic is closed and transported from one lane [more…]


50 made the bridge in the 20 day

50 didn't do the year 20 of the state of the year 50 made in the day: TOKAT's residents of the town of Almus to make the state 20 35 years to make a bridge with the support of a businessman, XNUMX made themselves a day. Located in the town of Almus at a distance of XNUMX [more…]


Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Launched

Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Opened to Service: AK Party Deputy Bartin Yilmaz Tunç Kenan Dursun Chairman of the Provincial Assembly, the AK Party amasra District President Bekir Karabacak and some of the members of the transportation network with the transport opened in the Çakraz-Avara tunnel [more…]


From the Minister Elvan Çoruma railway gospel

From Elvan to Çoruma rail gospel: The Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan received the good news of the railway to Çorum. Justice and Development Party Deputy Çorum, Member of Parliament's Plan and Budget Commission. Cahit Bağcı shared the good news of the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan with the Çorum people. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is rising rapidly

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is rising rapidly: Minister Elvan, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the Asian side of the tower height of the 195,5, the European side has found the 198,5 meter, he said. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul's 3 throat bridge [more…]


Traffic control for public buses

Traffic control of public buses: Istanbul Traffic Inspection Branch Office teams under the bridge of Topkapi, public buses and minibuses applied to the application. Civilian traffic supervisors found such as passengers in buses and minibuses note drivers violations along the route [more…]