The new ropeway of Uludağ has poisoned the holiday holidays

The new ropeway of Uludağ has poisoned the holiday holiday: Bursa's new cable car has become a nightmare for hundreds of citizens who want to spend their holidays in Uludağ. On the first and third days of the festival, thousands of citizens were stranded when the cable car broke down.

3-Day of the citizens who want to go to Uludag, in the evening due to the failure of the ropeways again due to buses and minibuses had to go to Bursa. Due to the failure of the repaired ropeways to be repaired by citizens until midnight waiting for the evacuation, some citizens were cold on the weather was lit by burning fire. Citizens coming to Bursa for the holiday holiday return to the plane and bus tickets for the delay because they are victims said.

Mücahit Aydemir stated that no explanation was made from the authorities and said, ifade We are waiting for 3 hours. We went to Uludağ to tour the guests. Citizens will not have confidence in the system. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality authorities should take measures as soon as possible and the company should warn the company, Bursa he said.

One of the most important symbols of Bursa and the recently opened Teleferik, the first day of the feast of the hanging hanging from the citizens of the 1,5 hour after a study was smoothly evacuated.


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