16 Bursa

Uludag Teleferik Made Again

Uludağ Cable Car Breaks Down Again: Bursa's new cable car has a nightmare for the majority of Arab tourists who want to spend their holiday in Uludağ. Holidaymakers who spend time with the 1,5 clock hanging in the air when it fails [more…]


Free Transportation in Gaziantep

Transportation in Gaziantep Free of Charge: Gaziantep residents will benefit from transportation free of charge during the festival. In Gaziantep, trams and buses will be free of charge and public buses will offer discounted services to Kart 27 users during the feast day. [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT, the speed of the citizen could not keep up

YHT, could not keep up with the speed of the citizen: Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, the opening of the previous day, the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line will be free of charge for a week after the announcement, yesterday there was a great intensity in Ankara Station. Citizens, [more…]