Gravel poured on asphalt invites an accident

Asphalt is poured on the gravel is an invitation to the accident: Yozgat'de by the highways on the Yozgat-Ankara highway, which is poured on the gravel is an invitation to accidents.
Weather temperatures in the province over the normal norms cause asphalt melting. The road construction work on the Yozgat-Ankara highway, where many fatal accidents occurred, continues. Yozgat Highways 65. Indiscriminate gravel spill by the Branch Chiefs, giving the drivers a hard time.
Ramazan Kılıç, who was on his way to Erzincan from İzmir for the holiday's holiday, said that he had been traveling all the time because of his job and that the pouring of crushed stone onto this asphalt caused an invitation for the accidents. Kılıç said, kaza It would have been better if they didn't pour this gravel down here, because I've witnessed it many times, like those who have crashed the car and the accident. They poured it, but they didn't take any other action. Bunu

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