Traffic control for public buses

Traffic control of public buses: Istanbul Traffic Inspection Branch Office teams under the bridge of Topkapi, public buses and minibuses applied to the application. As the passengers in the bus and minibus, civil traffic supervisors stopped at the point of application after taking note of the violations of the drivers along the route.
Penalties were written without talking to mobile phone, red light violation and fire tube. The public bus driver, who was not equipped with a fire tube and was full of passengers, was also fined 80 TL.
Istanbul Traffic Supervision Branch teams hours 17.30'da under the bridge of public buses and minibuses under the control of Topkapi. Istanbul Traffic Branch Director Mesut Gezer and Traffic Branch Police Chief Tülay Işık's inspections were also present, and civilian police officers were put on public buses and minibuses before.
Plainclothes police officers, drivers such as telephone calls, red light violation, pedestrian way, such as violations taking notes, when they come to the point of application to show their identity stopped the drivers.
In the applications, questions such as fire tube, license and license were requested by the police. There was no fire tube in a public bus between Esenler and Eminönü. The teams then imposed a fine on the driver 80 TL.
On the other hand, a fine was imposed on the drivers by the civil servants in the vehicles.

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