Minister Elvan: When the Kataner wire breaks,

Minister Elvan: Kataner wire break when we know we would never know. Lütfi Elvan Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train near Izmit fault, 'Just a small sign of water in my head to be in a region of neutral question let me tell you that the sign has dropped. We never knew to stop, we could continue on our way 'he said. Minister Lutfi Elvan, the start of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ankara, starting from Ankara and a technical fault near the Ankara-Istanbul YHT train found important explanations. Elvan expressed that he was not an expert at a technical level but would share the information given to him. He said that because of a technical fault on the kataner wire, the stop was stopped and the train was stopped for 15 minutes.

Elvan said the train has been stopped for security purposes, said the train continued on the road after the checks were made. The trainer asked the engineer and 15 for years for someone who has encountered such a situation for the first time Minister Elvan, 'On the train in front of anything in the front of something to encounter, but of course, leaving a question mark in the mind of the head, but it is a technical issue that our friends are forwarded to me. The train stopped because of the malfunction of the kataner wires. Normally the train was actually traveling. But it was stopped for security. We could've continued. We continued our journey after examining the kataner wires there, "he said. Minister Elvan, just before the Ankara-Istanbul line of sabotage and now the possibility of a sabotage whether the suale said: 'Neutral in a section that is not electricity, so that a metal connection holding the kataner wire to come down, and this is the case.

Therefore, this did not happen in the previous train. because 15 from us passed the first train minutes ago. I can't say anything for her clearly. Just a small question mark in my head to be in an area with neutral dropped a question mark over my head to tell him frankly. We'd have stopped, and we could've continued. It can also be a normal sabotage. I'm not saying anything. Of course, I can't say anything about it. This technique is a malfunction. For the first time, the mechanic was telling me something like this. ' Elvan stressed that the electricity of the train themselves to cut the security Minister Elvan, 'for the purpose of electricity cut the electricity. But we stopped the train. We could continue our way 'he said.

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