Canceled from the court on the penalty of traffic intercepted on private road

Traffic cut off from the private road on the cancellation of the court: A company, on their land on the road carrying trucks 15 thousand pounds traffic ticket was cut. On appeal, the court, facing the case, found that the road used was not on the map, and that the company had made it specifically for its own transportation and canceled the punishment.
Ankara 8. In the reasoned decision of the Magistrates' Court, the petition submitted to the court by the firm's lawyer was included.
In the petition, it was explained that the road and construction company company procured the limestone materials needed by the cement factory in Mamak from the limestone quarry belonging to the factory and processed it in the facility inside the factory.
Between the cement factory and the limestone quarry, the truck used to transport the material was on the deed of the company and the traffic on this road had been cut off on different dates.
The court, 4 General Directorate of Highways. Regional Directorate, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Presidency of Science Affairs and Mamak Municipality Science Affairs Department as a result of the article written by the company has determined that the road was made for its own transportation.
Judge Ali Yüksel decided to abolish the administrative sanction decision on the private road, as 2918 will not implement the Highways Law.

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