Expropriation of rush for Konak Tunnels

Rush expropriation for Konak Tunnels: The process of expropriation starts officially in İzmir's historical district Damlacık, which faces the danger of extinction due to the construction of Konak Tunnels. For the UM imagination project N of the Ministry of Transport, which has recently received great criticism due to informal expropriation documents distributed to the public, an official notice was made to evacuate the 50 from the 11 house, which was previously announced to be demolished.
A total of a thousand 2-meter Konak Tunnels Project, which is a joint project of the Ministry of Transport and the 700 Regional Directorate of Highways, will connect Yeşildere and Konak, continues to threaten the historic Damlacık district. The konut Tunnel Victims ler project has been increasing day by day, while the informal Müdür evacuate your houses işlem notifications made to the landlords and then pushed the button for urgent expropriation procedures. 2 residents were asked to evacuate their homes and the court announced that they would go to the court and file a lawsuit against the expropriation to resist property rights.
Facing the historic Damalcık district of İzmir with a hundred-year history, Konak Tunnels, which left the danger of extinction, hit the citizen's last coup. 2 was announced to be demolished by 50 Regional Directorate of Highways on the tunnel route. 11 Regional Directorate of Highways (49 Regional Directorate of Highways) started the judiciary process in order to evacuate the houses by the Council of Ministers. On the other hand, this move of the institution, which officially attempted the construction of the construction company for the first time after the contractor firm to start the demolition work in the region with the status of the historical SIT area, was met with great response by the people living in the region.

During the last week of the visit by the former Transport Minister Binali Yildirim to the city, the documents sent to the housing owners in the Damalcık district and the official commencement of the expropriation were notified, while the citizens were given 30 days to evacuate their homes. 425 Street, 426 Street and 428 Street 11 home public and property security in a hurry was taken to explain the Regional Directorate of Highways, while evacuating the house, the events created an earthquake effect in the neighborhood. Damalcık people, who have received countless actions for property rights and are supported by political parties, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers and the local administration, were announced to be exited by law enforcement if they did not evacuate their homes and citizens were shocked before the holiday.
The neighborhood people, who announced that they would look for their rights in the legal sense against the decision of the Damlacık district, which includes many registered buildings and the historical Damlacık Mosque, will go to the judiciary in the coming days. Citizens who state that the emergency expropriation decision is unlawful and that the normal expropriation process should be done in the region, they declare that they will open two separate cases, including the objection to expropriation costs, they will search their rights until the end and will not evacuate their homes.

Filiz Çetin, one of the landlords who invited the authorities to be sensitive, said that the 70 should be treated fairly for the people living in the region for more than a year, and said, iz Unfortunately, this holiday will be bad for us. We came down from the top of the papers. We live like a nomad in our own house, and we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. They want to throw us away from our homes because the tunnel is being built. We were already involved in social trauma because of rumors and unofficial documents distributed. This was the last blow to the neighborhood and the history of Izmir. We do not want to be from our homes, our neighborhoods, our culture, our history, our social environment. Biz
While the Damlacık neighborhood, one of the most important areas reflecting the urban identity of İzmir, did not stay with the latest developments, the other law, which is expected to be realized under the bag law, which is being discussed in the Parliament, was another development that made the people uneasy. If the relevant law article is adopted and enacted, the state will be confiscated directly to the citizens' homes within the scope of investments such as bridges, roads and dam construction carried out by the state, and official institutions will not carry out the expropriation work.

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