RAYDER and ARUS's local revolt

The local revolt of RAYDER and ARUS: RAYDER and ARUS criticize South Korean Eurotem and Chinese CSR for failing to fulfill their commitments. International participating in the specifications of all important projects in the world [more…]


Unfinished Road Causes Accidents

Unfinished Road Causes Accidents: It was stated that the incomplete concrete asphalt works planned after the infrastructure work on the divided road in YOZGAT triggered fatal traffic accidents. Due to studies [more…]


50 made the bridge in the 20 day

Villagers built the bridge, which the state did not make in 50 years: 20 days in the village of Almus, TOKAT, Çamköy residents have been trying to build the bridge for 50 years with the support of a businessman. [more…]


Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Launched

Çakraz-Avara Tunnel Opened to Service: Ak Party Bartın Deputy Yılmaz Tunç is accompanied by the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Kenan Dursun, AK Party amasra District President Bekir Karabacak and [more…]


Tests on New Lines

Test Rides on New Lines: At the end of a long-challenging process, trial runs were finally started on the lines. The tram extension started in all neighborhoods at the same time so that we can raise the elections in Eskişehir. [more…]

Asphalt News

Record paving

Sincanda record asphalt paving: The largest asphalt pavement in the history of Xinjiang was held. With the cooperation of Metropolitan and Sincan Municipality, approximately 5,5 million tons of asphalt in 2 years, Sincan's street [more…]