Ropeway adjustment to the National Intelligence Agency

Cable car setting for the National Intelligence Organization: As a result of the discussion that started due to the cable car line in Ankara passing over the MİT campus, a new regulation is made in the law.

The discussion, which started as the cable car line in Ankara passed over the National Intelligence Service campus, brought new regulations. If the public interest is seen, the cable car will be able to pass over or under the immovables. Bridge, metro and similar rail transport systems can also be made.

MIT, even in the Yenimahalle district of Ankara, will extend to Ankapark in Atatürk Orman Çiftliği and even objected due to the cable car passing over the buildings belonging to the organization. When MIT stated that this situation poses a security risk, the project was brought to the agenda. A new item has been added to the draft law on the bag, which was handled by the Parliamentary Plan Budget Commission, in order to experience similar problems in different places in the future.

Accordingly, provided that the right of property owners to prevent the use of property rights, do not pose a risk to life and property, expropriation or expropriation through the process of easement without the establishment of public interest in the decision, on or below the real estate cable car and similar transportation lines of all kinds of bridges, subways and so on rail transport systems.

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