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Karşıyaka and Konak Tramway start

Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Mavişehir will be made on the approximately 10 kilometer route Karşıyaka and Konak Tramway for the construction and construction of 38 tram vehicles including 26 February 2014 was held on February. Alaybey-KarşıyakaBetween Mavişehir and 9.7 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metro Alemdağ'a to Work

Metro Alemdağ: Istanbul rival in the field of street retailing for years, Istiklal Street and Bagdat Street rival came. Alemdağ Avenue, which is known as the third valuable street of Istanbul, is on the Anatolian side [more…]

81 Japan

7 Star Rail Palace

7 Starry Palace: A Japanese railway company starts its train journeys in the comfort of an ultra-luxury hotel in two years. 10 wagon 34 passengers are famous for bullet trains called 'Shinkansen' and [more…]


The way to Antalya-Alanya

The ordeal path between Antalya and Alanya: Regional Director of Highways Senol Altiok, Antalya-Alanya, including some of the total number of signaled 100 intersection, the length of travel due to the number of intersections, he said. Approximately between Antalya and Alanya [more…]