35 Izmir

Izmir gets ravaged by tram line

Izmir will be devastated by the tram line: Burhan Özfatura, the former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the Metropolitan had prepared a report on the Üçkuyular-Halkapınar Tram line, and said, "This project is a betrayal to Izmir." Former Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Burhan Özfatura, İzmir Metropolitan [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Abundance Expression Will Give Its First Iftar today

Abundance Express First to Give Iftar in Adapazari Today: Bayrampaşa Municipality's "Brotherhood Knows No Borders" launched with the slogan Iftar program in Turkey tens of thousands of people will gather at the train station. The first iftar 1 will start in Adapazarı on Tuesday evening. In 2005 [more…]

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1 America

Three trains passed by

Three trains passed over him, he didn't die: Mary Downey (22), who lives in New York, miraculously survived despite three trains passing over her. The young girl lost her balance and fell on the rails while waiting for the subway at the Times Square stop to go home on Sunday morning. [more…]

35 Izmir

İzmirliler Dislikes New Transport Project

İzmirliler did not like the New Transportation Project: The project, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made radical changes in urban transportation, was launched yesterday. Most of the citizens were not satisfied with the changes. Bus lines in long lines are lifted, trains to İZBAN, metro and ferries, bus stops [more…]

06 Ankara

High-speed train dumping in Pendik

High-speed train doping for residences in Pendik: The rise in housing prices in Pendik, the most important leg of the Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Line in Istanbul, draws attention. It was announced that the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be put into service on July 5 with a ceremony. After the announcement, eyes are on Ankara-Istanbul Fast [more…]


Altınovada Road Works Completed

Road Works in Altınova Completed: Kepez Municipality has completed the asphalt work in Altınova Sinan Mahallesi Hanımeli Street. On the orders of Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, a project was implemented to expand Hanımeli Street, where two vehicles could not pass side by side. [more…]

06 Ankara

If trains don't stop at Izmit (Photo Gallery)

If the high-speed train does not stop in Izmit: 29 should start in October last year, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights between Istanbul and Ankara, which could not be started for a variety of reasons, will start from 5 on July, Saturday, and are splendid by Prime Minister Recep Talip Erdogan. [more…]

Asphalt News

Karaman-Konya Split Road Hot Asphalt Work Completed

Karaman-Konya Divided Road Hot Asphalt Work Completed: It has been reported that the Karaman-Konya divided road hot asphalt works, which were started last year, have been completed and the highway has been put into service as two-way. In the written statement made by the Governorship of Karaman, the following information was given: [more…]

Asphalt News

Iron slags not covered

Iron slags were not covered: In November 2013, the Metropolitan Municipality started work on Galip Erenoğlu Street in Yuvacık Yeşilyurt Mahallesi of Başiskele district. Iron slag, the rubbish of the iron mills, was brought to the street floor and dumped as filling material. This item [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line

Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line: AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Salih Koca stated that they will open the Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​(YHT) line in a short time with a nice ceremony. Husband, in a written statement, by the government in the field of transportation to Eskişehir [more…]

Asphalt News

Urban transformation will interfere in asphalt

Urban transformation will interfere in asphalt: 6 to be demolished in the framework of urban transformation. five million houses will be produced 500 million tons of construction waste green brick cement began to be produced. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to produce green brick and green cement from construction wastes [more…]

Asphalt News

District Governor has examined asphalt works

District Governor İşler examined the asphalt works: Hanönü District Governor Mustan Barış İşler examined the asphalt works initiated in the villages. About the works from Mustafa Arslan, the Director of the Union for Delivering Services to Villages… The District Governor of Hanönü, Mustan Barış İşler, examined the asphalt works initiated in the villages. Service to Villages [more…]

35 Izmir

First working day report of transfer system in Izmir

The first working day report of the transfer system in İzmir: The second day of the new system, which reduces the number of buses in the city center and main arteries and strengthens the transfer system in İzmir, was marked by the surprise of the passengers. The first job the system was implemented [more…]

Asphalt News

President Karatas Asphalt Surveys on Site

Mayor Karataş Examined Asphalt Works On-Site: Asphalt works started by Osmancık Municipality in Çorum continue without slowing down. Osmancık Municipality, which took action with the end of the infrastructure works, started a feverish work in the regions where the works were completed. municipality [more…]


The suspension bridge on the Coruh is now safer

Suspension Bridge on Çoruh is Now Safer: The suspension bridge, which has reached the breaking stage and closed to transportation, has been rebuilt and opened for transportation in Borcka district of Artvin. The new Mayor of the district Aslan Atan, the suspension bridge on Çoruh, [more…]

01 Adana

YHT line to be transported at night

Freight will be transported on the YHT line at night: Istanbul-Bursa and Konya-Karaman-Adana high-speed train line will be transported at night. Turkey's first high-speed train will now be the cargo. Freight trains that will operate between Istanbul-Bursa and Konya-Karaman-Adana lines are only night service [more…]


Cetinkaya Bridge Brides Upset

Çetinkaya Bridge Upset the Brides: The last ruined state of the Çetinkaya Bridge, which has been legendary for many years in the Bafra district of Samsun and is famous for the 'bride crossed the bridge' at every wedding, as much as it upset the people of Bafra. [more…]

31 Netherlands

UPS drivers strike again

UPS drivers are on strike again: Amsterdam UPS package delivery drivers are on strike again on Monday. Thus, UPS drivers are going on strike for the third time in a short time. FNV helps drivers get a better batch in the Transport and Logistics industry. [more…]


Ceva En Green Logistics Company Selected

Ceva En Yeşil Logistics Company Selected: CEVA received the "Best Green Logistics Company" award at the 2014 Asia International Transport and Supply Chain Awards (AUTTZÖ). Continuing to be an example in the sector with its environmentally friendly works, CEVA Logistics is in Shanghai [more…]