Number of Passengers Using Public Transport Vehicles Decreased in Bursa

crowd in public transport scares in Bursa
crowd in public transport scares in Bursa

The number… the last day of the year Event Media during his visit Metropolitan Mayor Alinur

Aktas He explained:
“There are not enough passengers in public transportation. Compared to last year, 62 percent of passengers no longer take public transportation. "

Bursa comic traffic problem for living big cities the most important solution seen public transport in the middle for desperate there is a table.

No doubt Kuş
This dire picture pandemic welding. People hesitate to take public transportation high risk of contamination very efficient. Upon this, crowded wagon and bus images also scared the passenger.

Involved health ve life anxiety naturally when you enter individual measures stands out. First measure avoid crowded places is understanding.

Public transportation vehicles where the passengers are shoulder to shoulder and cannot avoid physical contact, even if masks are worn and hygiene rules are strictly followed. places that disturb the passenger turns into

In that respect O
President Aktaş 'Saying that there was 62 percent loss in public transportation compared to last year also shows how the days with coronavirus affect daily life.

Those who hesitate to take public transportation and make urban transportation with the public transportation they are accustomed to, naturally go on the roads by individual vehicles and try to reach their destinations like this.

Then too ...
out increased traffic problem coming out. The roads do not allow passage, the duration of travel from one point to another in the city is prolonged. This fuel cost When added, there are both individual losses and urban influence He is experiencing.

The solution to the job…
First of all as a society coronavirus fight gaining. However, President Aktaş o sohbetyou, "They are working on the regulation on public transportation" also said.

Our wish ...
Your daily life as soon as possible normal return and the troubles are over. - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

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