greek food wholesale uk
30 Greece

Greek Food Wholesale UK

Greek food wholesaler UK refers to Greek food wholesale in the UK. Greek cuisine is one of the first cuisines that come to our minds when it comes to world cuisines. Because, as a return of geographical proximity, Greek cuisine is primarily [more…]

omerli dam

Ömerli Dam and Camping Alternatives

Ömerli Dam is on the Riva Stream in Istanbul. It is a dam built in 1973 to provide drinking water to Istanbul. Ömerli Dam, with a water capacity of 220 million cubic meters, is one of the largest water resources in Istanbul. [more…]

Karsan Strengthens Its Commercial Wings
16 Bursa

Karsan Strengthens Its Commercial Wings

Karsan reorganized its Commercial Affairs unit in order to increase its dominance in the domestic market and to strengthen its competitiveness in export markets. Deniz Çetin was appointed to the Deputy General Manager of Export Department created in this context, and he has been working since 2017. [more…]

Akinci tiha pt tests continue
06 Ankara

AKINCI TİHA PT-3 Tests Continue

The tests of the 3rd prototype of AKINCI Attack UAV, developed locally and nationally by Baykar Defense, continue. Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, on January 13, 2021, from his personal social media account. [more…]